The Center for the Development of Recycling (CDR) is a university-based, non-profit, environmental research and service organization that was established in 1989. Located in the Department of Environmental Studies at San Jose State University (SJSU) and stewarded by the SJSU Foundation, faculty-managed students work on environment-related projects for businesses, government agencies, consultants, and non-profit organizations.

CDR has contracted to work urban water conservation and recycling projects involving residential and commercial sectors, hotels, multi-family buildings, multi-tenant office buildings and conducting various types of surveys. CDR also established the beverage container recycling program at SJSU and assisted in expanding the recycling program at SJSU.

In 1991, CDR bridged personnel and equipment resources of SJSU with Santa Clara County and its 15 cities that resulted in an alliance to provide cost-effective recycling information services for County residents and businesses that also created student service-learning opportunities. CDR added a donor funded website in 1999.

CDR operates the Santa Clara Recycling Hotline with a part-time Director; two compensated part-time students who serve as Administrative Manager and Project Manager, and several volunteer students who earn academic credit for community service learning (internship). The CDR Director is a Department of Environmental Studies faculty member who is responsible for all activities including management of staff, projects, equipment, budget, and adherence to University regulations. The San Jose State University Foundation manages accounting and payroll services.

With faculty guidance, CDR’s students develop the data and publications used by the Hotline, respond to information requests, personally research unusual requests, manage a document reproduction service for local government recycling and waste management divisions, and supplement Countywide recycling public information campaigns. The hotline operates Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Students complement their undergraduate and graduate academic experiences at CDR to gain practical work experience in the rapidly developing field of integrated waste management (IWM). CDR staff learns project management skills while earning academic credit. CDR has been recognized with several service-learning awards and over 50 CDR students have used their experience to gain recycling and environmental careers.


CDR Flowchart


For further information on CDR, recycling questions, or a free CDR publications list,
call CDR at (408) 924-5453 or 800-533-8414 or e-mail us.


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