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Rain Gutter, Plastic
Chair, Plastic
Flower Pots, Plastic
Plastic Pool
#1 (PETE), CRV
#1 (PETE), Non-CRV
#2 (Grocery Bags)
#2 (HDPE Colored)
#2 (HDPE Opaque)
#3 (PVC)
#4 (LDPE)
#4 (Polyethylene)
#5 (Polypropylene)
#6 (Polystyrene, Non-expanded)
#6 (Polystyrene, Styrofoam, Expanded)
#7 (Bubble Wrap)
#7 (Other)
#7 Instapack Foam
Bottle Caps
Drum, 55 Gallon
DVD Case
Gift Cards
IC Trays
Packing Peanuts
Pool Cover
Tyvek Envelope
Courier Plastic Bag
Hangar (Plastic)
Plastic Cereal Liner
Plastic Cooler
Plastic Crate
Plastic Cutlery
Plastic Drum
Plastic Gift Card
Plastic Lollipop Stick
Plastic Paint Cans (Empty)
Plastic Six-Pack Rings
Plastic Stir Stick
Plastic Straw
Plastic Utensils (Dirty)
Plastic, Stretch Wrap
Wine Cork (Plastic)
Wrapping paper (Plastic Laminated)

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